We professionally facilitate buying and selling of  property and advise on all aspects of land law in Kenya;

  • Transfers, conveyances, leases, sale agreements and subdivisions. We guide through on change of user, and negotiate securities such as charges and mortgages.
  • We set up property schemes for residential and commercial estates including preparation of all legal documentation.
  • Large-scale property developments in the housing and commercial sector.
  • Applying for and obtaining titles to land, on behalf of clients; processing and utilizing such titles to raise finance from lending institutions.
  • Facilitating mortgages, leases and other encumbrances on land titles, registration of transfers and dispositions of titles in receivership, and other asset securitizations.
  • Undertaking all aspects of due diligence prior to listing securities, share and asset transfers or sales and lending contracts.
  • Property acquisition and sale, leases, lettings and landlord and tenant.

We also help Kenyans in the Diaspora to invest safely and accordingly, in property development while legally protecting their mode of financing in accordance with their agreements with participating institutions.